Rebecca & Archie

We are so thankful for Litos Banditos! I was a nervous wreck entrusting someone to walk Archie, especially when there were so many unfortunate things happening to pups during COVID. Luckily, we found Litos Banditos and I trust Amie 100%. Archie is lucky to have her. She is attentive to Archie and goes above and beyond walking him and making sure he is safe. She has taught him excellent habits, tricks and makes sure he is well socialised. His recall has improved greatly since working with Amie and we couldn’t be more thankful. She is very knowledgable and I am comfortable asking her a range of questions. She has brought Archie so much joy and he recommends her 100%.


Andrea & Alfie

We’re so pleased we found Amie back in November 2020 through Instagram and reaching out to her about best recall training methods for Alfie, our very friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


We had always been nervous about having someone else walk him but after meeting her and seeing how well she bonded with Alfie and how much she cared about his needs we decided to ask her to come once a week initially.


We are so incredibly lucky & happy to have found her! Alfie has come such a long way thanks to Amie, from his ever improving recall to his confidence with other dogs she introduces him to, she’s been a dream to have week after week.


We decided to increase to two/three times a week after noticing how much Alfie enjoyed his walks with her. The best bit about Amie is not only her love and exclusive attention to your dog (treats them just as you would treat them yourself!) but also seeing what they have been up to during that hour on her social media profile.


Amie makes sures to document and tell you about all the funny and amazing stuff her and your dog have been up to which is not something I see many dog walkers do! It gives me such reassurance that Alfie is having the best time with her and is learning a whole load of skills!


I couldn’t recommend her enough! It’s only been 9 months but feels like she’s been with us for years, and we do hope that’s the case . Thanks Amie for all you do for Alfie, I do think he loves you more than he loves me.

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Franki & Poppy

We were lucky enough to find Amie in November 2020 to help with walking our (very energetic!) vizsla, Poppy. It’s safe to say we’re extremely fussy when it comes to who we would trust to walk our pup, as is Poppy who is quite a sensitive dog and needs real care and attention. We started off with booking in a lunchtime walk once a week, but very quickly moved to every day after seeing how much Poppy absolutely LOVES her and is sooo excited when she comes to the door! Sometimes I worry she loves Amie more than she loves me… Amie walks Poppy on her own, which I have never known another dog walker to do and is AMAZING as I know she will give her 100% attention and care without other distractions. She’s also taught her to walk to heel on the lead which is a miracle and I haven’t even managed to do! Every time she brings her back she tells me what they’ve been up to, funny things she’s done and the dogs she played with which is lovely and shows Amie not only truly cares but also really enjoys her job. She also takes brilliant photos which I would honestly pay a lot of money for! Amie has also sat in our flat to look after Poppy while we were out for the day, which was brilliant to be able to leave her with someone she knows and loves so much and we will definitely be doing that more. Amie is one of the only people I would trust implicitly to walk and look after Poppy as I know she cares as much as I do about her. I could happily have her walk her for an hour, look after her for a weekend or even go away for a week and if she’s with Amie I would have complete comfort that she’d be so well cared for and looked after. I would really recommend Amie to anyone who is looking for someone trustworthy, professional, reliable, knowledgeable and who will love and care for their dog as much as they do. She’s absolutely fab and I don’t know what we’d do without her now!

Ichigo 2.jpg

Hannah, Vito & Ichigo

Amie has been walking Ichigo regularly since August 2020. With our dog being reactive and energetic, we were initially hesitant to hire a dog walker (as he can be a challenge to most people), however those fears were quickly proven wrong. Amie is always professional, honest, kind and ensures Ichigo has a great walk! Both me and my partner wholeheartedly recommend Lito's Banditos to anyone looking for a dog walker in the area!


Lauren & Winston

Amie is an absolute godsend - Winston and I are so lucky to have her in our lives! You can see how much she genuinely loves what she does - she cares about the dogs in her care so very much, and always puts them and their needs first. Winston adores her, and is so excited every time she knocks at the door. I would recommend Amie in a heartbeat if you are after someone super reliable, who will take great care of your beloved pooch, and is a really lovely person to boot.


Jess, Alice & Crumpet

We have an 8 month old rescue pup who has been very nervous around people so we wanted to get her socialised with dogs as well as people. We found Amie via Instagram. Amie spent the first 3 sessions out on our patio patiently trying to win Crumpet’s love, little by little Crumpet stopped barking and started getting excited to see Amie and now she is obsessed with her! She waits at the window for her at the same time every week and just goes nuts with excitement! Amie is amazing, she is thoughtful, trustworthy, flexible and very knowledgeable about dogs and their behaviour. She treats Crumpet as if she were her own dog. Since walking with Amie, Crumpet has made loads of dog friends, has really warmed up to people, and just has the best time every time she goes for a walk. She comes back totally exhausted and we get a break for a little while! We would recommend Amie 100%.


Olga & Misha

Misha has been walking with Amie since she was a tiny pup and is obsessed with Amie! The pure joy in Misha’s eyes when she sees Amie come into the front garden would be enough reason to send them out together each week but Amie is also incredibly professional and has helped to improve Misha’s recall and leash-walking behaviour. I think Amie is somewhat of a dog whisperer - you can tell by the way the eyes of all of the dogs in Clapham light up when they see her on the Common. So so glad to have found her!


Georgia & Rupert

The best thing to come out of 2020!! I was referred to Amie through a small puppy community after expressing that my 2.5 year old Pomapoo, Rupert, was getting extremely bored (and I think a bit depressed) during lockdown. Normally he would come to the office with me every day and have lots of exercise and stimulation with other dogs and people, however during lock down he slept most the day, chewed his paws, didn't eat too well and just seemed very glum.


Amie came over to the house to have an initial introduction with Rupert (socially distanced) and I could tell instantly he'd fallen in love. Not only was she clearly the dog whisperer, I was really impressed with how professional and knowledgable Amie was. It is a big decision to entrust your fur baby with someone else, but the confidence I felt with Amie after just one meeting, I was ready to hand him straight over! We booked Rupert in for 2 x 1hr solo walks per week.


I did mention to Amie that I think Rupert is missing the company of dogs so at some point would like to consider some 'group hang outs'. One thing I loved about this, was because Rupert was Amie's primary dog in this particularly slot she promised she'd only build a pack around Rupert - and that she did!! Cut to 6 months later and Rupert now has a little group of best mates he heads out with twice a week and there is no doubt it is his absolute favourite thing to do. When he sees Amie he goes absolutely nuts, he will sit at the window waiting for her, knowing it is that time of the week! Amie is worth absolutely every penny. Kind, professional, knowledgable, trustworthy, thoughtful! If she has any free slots for your pup, BOOK HER!!

Wurzel Run.jpg

David, Zoë, & Olivia

Louise & Fitz

R & W

Our dog has been walking with Amie since Sept 2020 and she’s great!

We’d previously used a different dog walker pre-lockdown 1 who took dogs out in big groups, which didn’t work for our dog. Our dog is incredibly lovely, but a much higher energy (and much more squirrel focused) dog compared to most typical Clapham dogs, so we wanted someone who was completely focused on providing a great walking experience and using positive reinforcement to walk with her - and often sit and watch squirrels for a chunk of time! Amie is really interested in dog behaviour so it’s been great chatting through our thoughts on Fitz or dogs we meet!

Amie has been great and we highly recommend her - Fitz sits and waits for her all day and cries with excitement once Amie arrives, and if we bump into her on our walks, the joy when Fitz sees Amie is obvious!

We hired Amie in February this year as my girlfriend started a full time job that meant none of us could be at home most of the day.
Our dog Olivia is 10 years old now and we never had a walker before, as there has always been someone in the house to walk her and keep her company. I’ve always said she’s a bit of a mad hound, quite particular in many ways, so we were a bit nervous about getting someone to look after her.
There were a hundred walkers in our area so we read a fair few reviews and sites. Amie’s just sounded really authentic to us and, not going to lie, her rates were also cheaper for a regular service than most, so we decided to give it a try and we couldn’t be happier with the choice.
We were really nervous about the whole thing, so I had lots of questions for Amie. She was super reassuring and the first thing she said was that she would come to meet Oli, take her out for a quick walk to see how they got on and take it from there. She brought all her paperwork (insurance, DBS check, contract…) for us to review and sign, which I hadn’t even thought about, and it’s all been great since.
Even before she arrives for her daily walk, Oli goes and lies in front of the door waiting for her friend Amie to come. She loves her so much that when we open the door she starts running in circles around her and “screaming” with joy, so much so that our neighbour once came out to the balcony because he thought something had happened!
Oli was always a bit funny about other dogs, she always avoided them, but ever since Amie started taking her to the park and looking after her she has become a lot more sociable too, which is great for her. In fact, Oli is doing so well with her, so settled and happy, that even when the lockdowns started and we really didn’t need to have a walker (as we’re both working from home now) my girlfriend and I decided to keep Amie walking her regardless.
We would absolutely recommend Amie to anyone who loves their pup and needs to leave them with someone who genuinely cares. In a 5-star scale, I’d give her a 6.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value


We have found Amie’s services invaluable helping to keep our energetic little doggie walked with two small children in the house. She is flexible, warm, kind, honest and professional. Our anxious pup enjoys exploring the streets and local parks with his little pack and has formed a great relationship with the bandits. I would highly recommend.


Cathy & Bob

I have a MinPin, a rescue dog, who was a real challenge. Amie has a great insight into dog behaviour and together with her own Min Pin Theo, over the last two months we have made fantastic progress. She is also super organised and a pleasure to deal with.

Isla - Marked.jpg

Nathalie & Isla

Amie did a photoshoot with my labrador Isla today and the photos are amazing. she uses intense colours which is so different to a lot of other pet photography on the market.

She was very patient with Isla and let her investigate all the camera equipment first and let Isla understand exactly what she wanted from her.



I love walking with you too Amie - just great not to be bundled in the back of a car to go for a walk with other dogs. I feel very special having you to myself! You are so considerate by not walking me in the hot sun and by helping me find tennis balls on the common. I’m getting a bit stiff in my legs these days and it’s great to go at my own pace. I love my walks with you - lots of love from Finn



& Harley

My dachshund Harley had her first walk with Amie the other week and I feel like they are just right for each other. Harley is normally a uncontrollable furball of energy yet she came acting very calm and relaxed after a walk with Amie. I would highly recommend!



& Kaiser

Amie has looked after Kaiser on many occasions and always makes me feel at ease knowing he’s safe and happy! She gives helpful advice and takes incredible photos of the dogs she walks! So grateful to have met you, Amie



& Coco & Poppy

Amie’s the loveliest dog walker and sitter ever who visited me last Friday. She did a top notch service with several photo updates and warming words while I was out. Will definitely stay in touch with her and book her again. Strongly recommend her



& Chester

I met Amie at a recent puppy training class, she was so friendly and captured the most beautiful shots of our pup Chester. He doesn’t like to sit still for long or pose for the camera so I was over the moon that she was so patient and was able to take such lovely photos for us. Thank you Amie!



& Gizmo

I have known Amie for some years now through work, very trustworthy and friendly, not to mention a massive lover of animals. She took some amazing pictures of my boy Drogon in Battersea park on our day out together. Would recommend her services to anyone in the area and highly recommend the photos, Managed to get a few snaps that even I was surprised at being that my boy was camera shy and normally turns away at the sight of a lens.