I might just be the last vegan alive to try a pizza from One Planet Pizza but when I found out they have a cheezeburger pizza that uses Meatless Farm & Applewood cheeze, getting one became a top a priority.

@litogodfather one planet pizza

Thanks to the guys at Weezy, I had four frozen pizzas delivered from I-don't-even-know-where in under 20 minutes!

I'm actually never really in a hurry to buy store-bought vegan pizzas as I find cheeze to be very hit or miss with whether I'll like it or absolutely despise it. The fact that One Planet have partnered with Applewood, who happen to be my favourite of the cheezes made me even more excited for this specific pizza.

If you purchase from their website directly you'll have a choice of ten pizzas total, including 3 gluten-free options. Personally, I already have my eyes on "The Mac", which is apparently Limited Edition so I better get my order in ASAP! And oh my god, they have Applewood stuffed Dough Balls!

@litogodfather one planet pizza

Orders are sent in zero-to-landfill packaging via DPD for a carbon neutral delivery and shipping is free!

From Weezy, I was able to have two cheezeburger and two three cheeze margheritas delivered (you know we have to share with Mom2.) Because these pizzas only need banging in the oven for 15 minutes, paired with the delivery they were cheaper and in my belly faster than your standard takeaway pizza! Thanks to the deliciousness that is Applewood, the cheeze has a great pull to it and tastes so, so good. The base is soft, but not too doughy. It was perfect dipped in my leftover garlic & herb dip from Domino's! Am I the only one that judges a pizza dough on how delicious it is by how good it tastes with garlic & herb, or garlic mayo dip?

I would have liked the Meatless Farm chunks to have a little bit of seasoning added to them, to give them more of a burger flavor. And I wouldn't have been mad if the pizza was larger but that's because I'm greedy af! At around £6 though, I can't really find any negatives as it made for a tasty lunch time meal and I still have room for dessert!

If you would like £10 off of your first order from Weezy, use code 7p09jqj0wv when you checkout!

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