It's always best to book ahead to secure your slot. If you leave it too late to book a walk, I may not be able to cater to your needs. 

However, if you do choose to book ahead, you will be taking the slot away from another potential customer. This reduces my ability to accommodate another customer should you cancel. In order to be fair to all clients, we operate a fair cancellation policy and charge reasonable cancellation fees in proportion to notice given.

You are only charged for the first visit in the cancellation period. Though refunds are not issued for cancelled walks, the percentage of payment which has been previously made which does not include the cancellation fee will be transformed into credit which can be used against a future walk.

Cancellation fees are as follows:

  • Less than 12 hours notice = 100% of walking charge for first day. 

  • Between 12 and 24 hours notice = 75% of walking charge for first day.

  • Between 24 and 48 hours notice = 50% of walking charge for first day. 

  • Beween 2 and 7 days notice = 25% of walking charge for first day.

  • 7 or more days notice = No fee.

Example Scenario: 

Walks have been booked for Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri totalling £65 for the week. Monday walk goes ahead as scheduled and payment is left for collection upon arrival. The next morning, the rest of the walks for the week are cancelled. This would be the outcome:

Total Paid on Monday: £65

Monday: £13 Paid

Tuesday: Cancellation Fee 100% Charge of £13 Not Credited

Wednesday: Cancelled and Credited

Thursday: Cancelled and Credited

Friday: Cancelled and Credited

Credit remaining for use on future bookings: £39 (3x walks)



Note: repeated cancellations will lead to a refusal to conduct business with you.